As a photographic artist my interests are many, but most of my recent art work revolves around a few central themes. Consistent in my images are visual contrasts with simple,tight compositions. I often juxtapose elements of old vs. new, colorful vs. monochromatic, textured vs. smooth. I like to create an enhanced perception of three dimensions in my work. So that it feels almost as if you can step right through the frame and into the scene. Reflective surfaces along with naturally occurring dramatic light and shadow combinations often add to the effect. I create these images to please the toughest critic of I also believe they help keep my commercial work fresh and interesting.

Images in this gallery may be purchased as fine art prints. All photographs are printed by me and not outsourced. They are made with archival fine art papers using pigment-based inks and state of the art digital printers for the finest photographic output currently available. The online versions of these photographs can only begin to illustrate the impact of the actual work. Have a look at my “Fine Art Images” gallery and for information about sizes and pricing, please call at your convenience.

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